rock your bliss: being grown-up best friends

rock your bliss: being grown-up best friends

making friends get be tricky. adulting comes into play, old stories create blocks or boundaries, and then you move to a new city - what now? enter jacki carr and mary beth larue, real life grown-up best friends, entrepreneurs, transformation coaches, and the co-founders of rock your bliss. they get real with on adulting, meets friendship, meets business.

jacki is a goal coach, a mama, a motivational speaker, an extrovert, a writer, a global book club founder and obviously harry potter fan, a hiker, and a founder and ceo. she speaks the truth and sings 80s music somehow at the same time. she wholly believes in a world where we all have unique gifts to offer, let’s tap into that and get to offering them up.

mary beth is a yoga teacher, a coach, a writer, a bulldog mama, a midwest heart with a california soul, an ambivert, a deejay slayer with the beats, a mentor, and a founder and ceo. whether it’s through a sweaty yoga practice, a gratitude meditation, or a conversation over coffee about life goals, her mission is to lead people toward their bliss. sustainable, fulfilling bliss.

rock your bliss is our brainchild, our offering to the world, our co-founded community that we love and learn from every single day. making shift happen is our motto. it’s how we live and how we thrive. our unique combination of yoga + coaching brings action to intention. it's how dreams become reality and bliss is defined. through years of friendship, many sweaty yoga classes and game-changing conversations over kombucha or coffee, we stand for women supporting themselves and other women (and we love the men, too!) through self development practices, vulnerable conversations and conscious, creative play.”

the ladies share notes on being grown up best friends and running the bliss business together:

when you feel something, say something. vulnerability is the gateway to transformation, respect and honesty in a friendship. go there.

know your soul values. know your own, know your best friend’s and know them for your business. values keep you grounded and on purpose.

create a vision together. a shared vision keeps the big picture clear when the drama of the details start to get heavy. the vision creates commitment.

have fun. period.

meet one another in the present moment. not who you were yesterday or last year, in this moment right now.

forgive faster.

consciously craft time to connect on best friend life and business life. they are different. honor them with time and listening.

belly laugh. not pretty, polite laughing but all around guffawing, pee your pants kinda laughter.

be less “cool.” no need to have it together all the time. instead be yourself so your bff feels comfortable being herself (or his) too.

grow. keep growing, changing and vocalizing along the way. it’s how you get to bring one another along for the ride.


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photos by ashley turner

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