joanne encarnacion

joanne encarnacion is the director of curation and community at vsco, wife, mother, fitness and lifestyle blogger at, digital influencer and photographer – living in san francisco, california. she has a strong passion for fitness, wellness, beauty, and all things creative.

"I look up to females in my circle who are doing extraordinary things in their extra ordinary days. my girlfriends who are stay at home moms juggling to keep the household running, my fitness coach who grinds from one competition to the next, and my mother who has hustled her way from poverty to her very simple, yet full life now. I also look up to sophia amoruso. her #girlboss radio podcast is one of my favorites because she interviews women who are defining their success and paving their own road towards it."

"often times as a female leader in a workplace, our actions can be justified or reasoned due to a bias society has placed on women. outside the workplace I struggle with being a good enough mother, wife, and friend. I know that I shouldn’t fuel the perception put on me by others, but I can’t help but be self-conscious and slightly insecure about how I carry my life." 

"motherhood has shaped me as a person. I became a mother at 21, unexpectedly. having to adapt to a completely new life and world of responsibilities has truly been life changing. I don’t live solely for myself anymore, and I’ve had to learn that in order to give love and my life to others, I first need to find what fulfills me. motherhood teaches you patience, understanding, vulnerability, empathy, and so many other life lessons. you learn to love like you’ve never loved before and it can be incredibly scary."

her advice to aspiring leaders? "do not be afraid of failure and disappointment. the moment you can accept that these things will happen in life, you will continue to move towards everything your heart desires. It’s not because you become complacent to the idea of setbacks, its more that you’ve learned to adapt to the thought that failure is bound to happen and you have to be able to adapt in order to get back onto your own path of success. arm yourself with heart and hustle, discipline will get you to day one, but its grace that will keep you on the journey."

photo by encarnacion photography

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